Working with a mental health coach

Between talking with a friend and therapy, there is a space called coahcing where we can both meet.

I’ll stand with you, judgment-free, ready to walk beside you on your path.

Together, we can uncover the inner obstacles holding you back from the life you deserve.

Let’s find your hidden potential!

Lesly Garreau

Helping others is deeply rooted in me and I’ve trained in multiple modalities to create my own unique approach to this work.

My primary focus areas include shadow work, systems theory, philosophy, and CBT. What I do involves deep, transformative work, guiding you to rediscover the authentic aspects of yourself that harbor untapped potential, and to dismantle the coping behaviors that ensnare you in detrimental patterns.

At the age of 20, I began studying psychology, aiming to start my own practice. However, I soon realized that I needed more life experience to be truly effective in helping others.

Instead, I ventured into the business world, establishing a marketing agency, launching the first coworking space in Bordeaux, France, and freelancing, where I applied my understanding of psychology in experience design.

Over the years, I’ve encountered both successes and failures in my endeavors, experiences that have helped me grow as a person.


During that time, my work consumed me. The first years were tough; I lost sleep, became depressed, and gained weight.

My relationship with my partner at the time suffered due to my behaviors, and we ended up breaking up after living together for five years.

My response at that time was to run away. I started traveling while freelancing, ignoring my own problems and shadows.

This led me into a very toxic relationship that cost me and my partner years of our lives.

We hurt each other deeply because I didn’t know who I was, what I wanted, and I hadn’t faced my shadows.

It was through friendship, martial arts, and doing the work that I got back on track.

I lost weight, became stronger, more focused, happier, and it led me to meet my wife, one of the most amazing people I know, who has since supported me in all my ventures, including this one.

Where I am now in life is what I wish for all men to find, and I believe my experience can help you in this journey.

My training includes:

Shadow work

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Systems theory


Everyone is different and will bring their own baggage and experiences to the work. I’m not engaging in therapy, vision boards, or mantra repetition. I prefer a straightforward approach with no nonsense and doing the work.

What I do and focus on includes: mental clarity, intentionality, alignment with core values, unlocking/reawakening masculinity, stopping validation seeking, developing authenticity and relationships, and managing conflict.

Invest in yourself and unlock a future filled with purpose and fulfillment.