It’s not therapy, it’s training

Mental clarity, intentionality & creativity to grow & craft a life of freedom

I help men struggling with societal expectations, anxiety, and depression find deeper understanding and break free from feeling isolated. Let’s uncover your hidden potential.


Certified Life Coach
CMA Registered
Relationship Therapist
Relationship Checkup Approved
Shadow Work Certified



Gain control of your life and find the balance you need to succeed! Break your patterns:

Crushing under the weight of perfection

You juggle endless demands, striving to please everyone while neglecting your own needs.

Adrift in a sea of uncertainty

Fear and doubt cloud your path, leaving you unmoored and uninspired.

The "Nice Guy" mask feels suffocating

You crave genuine connection, but playing it safe leaves you unfulfilled.

Words trapped in a filter

You hold back, fearing judgment, unable to express your authentic self.

Confidence feels like a distant dream

Fear grips you, preventing you from shining brightly and embracing your true colours.

Your inner critic: a relentless saboteur

Its negativity echoes, undermining your progress and chipping away at your self-worth.

Love's potential lies dormant

Stuck in a rut, unsure how to ignite passion and cultivate a fulfilling connection.

Haunted by paths not taken

The weight of “what ifs” burdens you, longing for a future aligned with your true desires.

Break free from these limitations and unleash the vibrant, healthy life you deserve.

You’re not alone. Uncover your potential and find your path.

I use well known therapeutic approaches like shadow work and CBT to help you identify and overcome limitations, empowering you to achieve your full potential.

Lesly Garreau

Coach & Therapist

Invest in yourself and unlock a future filled with purpose and fulfillment.